Friday, February 26, 2010

e reader

I needed a book to read last night so I went to Amazon to purchase the next book in the Maggie Sefton knitter series for my Kindle. But amazon said book #4 was not available.

So I popped over to Barnes and Noble. Low and behold there was book #4. I downloaded B&N's free e reader, bought book 4 and kept reading. I also noticed while I was at B&N some of their e books are cheaper than Amazon.

Good news is now we have a choice on which store we purchase our e books from. I *think* I enjoy reading on the Kindle better, however, I do not plan to give up on the e reader. I will go with the store that has the cheapest book.

Since Amazon has book 5 cheaper than B&N I will purchase it from them. We will see where book 6, 7, and 8 come from.

Which book reader do you like best?

How exciting!


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