Monday, March 8, 2010


The "weak" March sun is NOT that weak in Oklahoma! Sun screen and bug repellent every day before heading out into the jungle. Lesson learned for another year.

I was working on cutting down the forest in the back of our house yesterday afternoon. I could not believe how out of hand and ugly it had become with scrawny squirrel & bird planted trees. Course some of those wild trees were taller than me. Not good for in town back yards to have trees that grow fifty feet high into power lines and right next to garages. It was warm as I worked and of course the beautiful sun was just a shinning. I really enjoyed the work out. It is so much easier to cut down the branches and trunks to trash size with out leaves to hinder my aim the by pass cutter.

When I got to the last tree I feeling very HOT (so nice to be hot once again instead of freezing) so I ventured into the house for a drink and to wash all of nature off my arms and face. My arms were hurting and tingling so I figured I was allergic to one of the trees.

Well, actually allergies was one of the problems but I had also gotten quite burned in the weak March afternoon sun. I try to NEVER get sun burned as we all know that is such a bad idea, especially on my old face.

Today I am uncomfortable. I will continue to apply moisturizer to keep it cool. Thankfully we have rain today so the sun won't be a problem on the burn as I venture out for a few more chores.

I am so ready to set my clocks up one hour for an extra hour of sun each day. Spring cleaning has started in the garden and I have almost finished up the garden journal I am making for Spring/Summer 2010. My arm muscles are so sore and the sun burn is uncomfortable but I got a big ol' smile in my heart today after the great work out yesterday.

Hope you have a smile in your heart today!


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