Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Blizzard

Today was the first day of Spring and guess what? We had a BLIZZARD.

The snow was supposed to come in later this afternoon. It arrived in Tulsa at 9:00 a.m.

I was the only one that showed up for class with Jelcy. I told her I could not stay as the weather was quickly getting really ugly. So she gave me a quick run thru of the project. Such a sweet lady. I took her pic but don't know how to get it from my phone to the blog. I will have to ask my dd to help me out.

Driving home was absolutely terrifying! People in Oklahoma do NOT know how to drive in white out conditions. I am telling you they were just flat out CRAZY while driving down the turnpike. I passed so many car accidents, jack knifed truck, one SUV was down a embankment on its top. A little seven year old girl was killed earlier this morning. So very sad. Many more were injured in some of the accidents.

I for one as staying in my warm home tomorrow. I hope to only run out to take supper to mom then come right back in.

Hope you are having a safe week end.

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