Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Snow is still on the ground with a bit of a chill in the air.

I have spent this afternoon cruising blogs. I check each day to see if Nie Nie has posted so we can be aware of her wonderful recovery (my dd asks a least once a day how Nie Nie is doing, she is just part of our daily routine). I noticed "Raised In Cotton" had posted so for the last several hours I have been checking out all her links. Mostly I have been traveling via the blog in Texas. Reading about their antique shows and looking a the most beautiful spring pictures. Yes, the green eyed monster is on the prowl.

Since dd is STILL sleeping I try not to make noise. So checking out all that is ready to go on in Texas has kept me silent most of this afternoon. I keep telling myself I do NOT want to drive five hours to an antique show next week end. Especially after driving three house in a blizzard this week end just to get home from the fair grounds! However, I figure if the good folks in Kansas are so very excited to make the trip I should drive down to check out all the excitement. Right? I figure the garden will still be too wet to work after our SEVEN inches of snow melts that I might as well go check out our neighbors lovely offerings.

I have laundry to do to get prepared for this weeks work.........but I think I check out a few more Texas spring blogs........I want to be a good neighbor ya know.

Have a wonderful week.

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jmac said...

Hey Francy!! thanks for stopping by and yes, I too have spent the aft cruisin' thru blogs!! Nice lil world we have here, eh?
Going to glide thru yours now....I would love to do the TX shows next weekend. Long way for me to drive but hmmmmmmm.....I do love me up a good road trip!!