Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hear that?

No not the loud bang and pop of fire works. That soft sigh sound. It's my thirteen trees in the back yard enjoying the rain. Sweet relief from the baking sun and cracked earth. The poor trees had already started defoliating. Hmmmmmmm looks like someone left her tools out to get "washed" :o)

This is where Maggie spends all her outside time while kids are setting off fireworks. She is SCARED of things that make loud sounds. Not a happy doggie! Such a sweet face tho.

Luzs dog BaiLea had to check out the yard then returned to the patio to shake off the rain. Yep she got everyone of us wet. Happily wagging her tail after she gave us our "shower".

I was hoping we would get a good soaking rain so we would not have to worry about fires from the neighbors celebrations. However, the rain needs to end so it won't spoil the kids celebrations. I and my fur babies plan to stay in the house most of the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Our house is NOT a fan of fireworks.
We hope all of you have a safe & happy 4th.

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