Saturday, July 31, 2010

New wash machine

Our Maytag washer stopped working last week. The repair man came this morning. The parts to fix my DEPENDABLE Maytag will be over $, only the parts.....ugh!

So what did we do? We bought another Maytag.......washer only. Our dryer still works just fine. (Keeping my fingers crossed on the dryer lasting longer)

I hate going to the laundry mat. I need to wash our sheets and towels but do NOT want to put them in the nasty washers in the local mat. I figure we can sleep on week old sheets until Tuesday when the new washer is scheduled to arrive.

Of course with the temperature hitting 102 (don't even know what they think the heat index is & I ain't gonna ask cause we know it is HOT) we will have double the stinky, dirty clothes to wash.

On the bright side I would rather have a sick/dead washer then to have anything wrong with my air did those poor souls live back in the day without fans and central air????

Hope it's cooler where you are!

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suze said...

I am sooo with you on the AC! I am looking to buy both a new washer and dryer when I get to the new house. Was thinking about Magtag. Hey I thought the Maytag repairman never had anything to do!
Hoping that our old dryer here holds out for sounds horrible but still works.