Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now I know

I now know what it feels like to be a porch light with bugs banging into the light.

With 110 degree heat wave we have been having I try not to goof off out side longer than necessary. Of course all my poor plants have to stay air conditioning for them. I LOVE to water by hand as it is the most peaceful time of my day (except when giant humming birds attack!!).

Due to the above mentioned heat I decided to water after the sun set. Here in Oklahoma we have horrid ice storms, tornadoes, and wind storms that cause us to lose electricity often. I purchased a miners head light with night vision last winter just to be on the safe side as we had been with out electric for a week the year before (at least I could now read while I froze to death).

So last evening I ventured out after dark to water my garden with the three brightest lights turned on on my forehead. Man the bugs hit me so fast and hard I was nearly blinded due to the fact they kept getting stuck behind my glasses by my eye balls! Who would have thunk it?

I then took off my glasses and change my head light to night vision. WOW talk about cool! I misted each garden then watered. The mist on the leaves turned red, sparkly, glow-y and awesome. I stayed out for two hours. Cut the bug down by 85% plus the monster humming birds did not attack! Bonus. (I know, poor birds were just thirsty but seriously I thought they were HUGE bees........bees that I am deathly allergic to)

We just returned from Joplin, MO. My daughter took me to Harbor Freight Tools while there. Have you ever shopped in on? Oh I had sooooooooo much fun. The bead store charges triple what I could have purchased my tools for at HFT! I did however find some cool storage containers that I must get to so my "stuff" is organized for tomorrow.

Have a lovely week!

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