Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lost in America

Jenks, America that is. On my way home from an exciting few days with the Department of Labor financial guys I decided to pop over to Jenks to look for a scrapbook store I used to shop in. Boy was I surprised to find it gone.

Did you know there is not one large or small scrapbook store in Tulsa, Oklahoma now? I have enough supplies to last for a few more years, however, I may need more. I want the new Graphics 45 and I am sure lots of stuff I have not even seen yet. Now I have no where to look at/ shop for supplies.

I was told there is a shop in Owasso but I have not been to Owasso for years.

On my way out of OKC I swung by a scrapbook store my GPS listed only to find it was no longer in business. I happened to see a cigar store next door to the empty store. I went in and talked to the nice owner who sold me six empty cigar boxes. Now I need to just figure out what I want to do with them.

I have to go back to the office tomorrow. I still need to unpack and pick out my work clothes.

Hope you are having cool weather like we are.


Boot ~C said...

Sand Springs has a scrapbooking store

Pretty Things said...

It's sad, a lot of small stores like that are going out of business. I hate it.

Zura said...

I just found you from Milliande's map. I'm in Bartlesville. So happy to find an "art girl" near. I'm not sure where you live but there is a great scrapbook store in Collinsville. I heard there is one in Skiatook, too, but haven't been there. I'm adding you as a friend on Milliande's ning group.