Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh my what to eat?

So many different items of goodness.

Dd ordered a two meat plate: ham and bologna with a side of potato salad.

My usual : sweet BBQ bologna sandwich and cole slaw...........YUM! I asked them not to put the onion, pickles and pepper on my plate and they serve the good chips.

Knotty Pine is located 3301 West 5th Street, their phone number is 584.0171 if you need directions. They have been serving the best BBQ in the world since 1952. I am still smiling from its goodness..........and still full :o)
We went to Sam's on Sheridan to see if they had the Charlaine Harris book I was missing. They have all seven of the Sookie Stakehouse series so my dd decided to purchase all of them so she could read them since I have enjoyed them so much. A friend of her has the True Blood series from HBO. DD is going to get it so I can watch them as soon as I finish the books. I can't help but wonder the name of the actor they found to play Bill, Eric and Quinn. I think of a person that is similar to Holly Hunter for Sookie.
While we were out I decided to go by the Quilt tomorrow.

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