Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quilt Sampler - Tulsa

I got to shop a bit in the Quilt Sampler, 61st & Sheridan. They close at 5:00 p.m. Unfortunately we arrived at 4:40 so we did not have long to enjoy.

I want to make the above quilt. I love circles. I purchased the templets for the circles, however, I don't have the book with the pattern nor the fabric yet.

Lots of lovely quilts line the walls. We got to hear one of the ladies celebrate when she finished her quilt, the first time she had ever mitered the corners of the binding.

My daughter (my bright shinning star) loves stars. I have been after her for the last year or so to please decide which star pattern she wanted me to use to make her quilt. She still can't decide.

Any one that knows me knows I love cats. I need to find someone to make the above blocks for me in a deep cream to match deep gray/blue fabric I have chosen for my bed quilt. I would love to have a quilt like this on may bed.
The Quilt Sampler has a table in the back of material on clearance for $1.99 a yard. Now that I have had time to think I wished I had purchased the dark gray material with the pink flamingos on it to use as a backing on my bed quilts. Maybe they will have some left the next time I get by there.
I was actually looking for the new Laural Birch jungle fabric. The lady said she did not think it had be released yet. I will have to search the net to see if I can find some.
I hope you enjoyed the eye candy of the Quilt Sampler.


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Grand Pooba said...

I LOVE that circle pattern! That is so cool lookin. Funny thing, my Dad actually is the quilter in our family. He is constantly making quilts, mostly baby quilts but he's made a few bed spreads for friends.

I started a levi quilt about 4 years ago and it's been sitting in storage waiting to be tied. I really need to finish that thing!