Thursday, July 23, 2009


Look at this beautiful fabric from Pierre Frey, Paris. I would simply love to drive uptown to buy some yardage for a beautiful quilt centered around the butterfly. Course the large design would need to be a touch smaller for me to fussy cut for a bed quilt :o)

I am home inside for the day. Allergens are floating around by the millions causing some nasty stuff for me to suffer throu.

I am surfing the net looking at other peoples beautiful sites. I need to "de-junk" my home sweet home and have been searching out ideas. Has anyone really solved the problem of too much stuff? I have been doing better since I have been unemployed. Maybe that is what this is all about. A lesson of sorts to show me how sweet life can be without the "stuff". I am trying my best to get some of this stuff into other peoples houses :o)

I love the look of crystal and shabby chic. But I really LOVE color and not necessarily the washed out nasty turquoise blue of the 50s and the pale green and pinks. I do think the pale green, pink and pale blues are pretty and calming sometimes (if there is not too much junk around it). However I just can't imagine my life with COLOR. Bright, bold and saturating.

My daughter is planning to redo her bed room in Peacock colors. We purchased the fabric for her new quilt when we were at Hancocks of Paducah. She feels the time has come for her mom to get to work on it. I am still working on my quilt along quilts so hers will be next.

I really like the colors going on in the picture above....................

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