Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you think

When one buys a QUILT magazine shouldn't they expect it to have articles and patterns pertaining to quilting?

When one buys a FOOD magazine shouldn't they expect it have articles and recipes about food?

I purchased a Quilters Home magazine and was sorely disappointed with the magazine. I do NOT want recipes. I also do not want anything else except QUILTING information, patterns, tips, and tricks about QUILTING. I felt I wasted my money on this magazine. Keep in mind they are NOT cheap. Lest I learned my lesson and won't buy it again.

The man that was supposed to put in our new stove top did not show today. Very sad that I can't do any cooking this week end, we will have to eat all meals out :o) sad, sad........... Oh well there is always next week.

I will be heading out to a new fabric store tomorrow in Strang, Oklahoma.

Pictures later.

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