Monday, July 20, 2009

More pics of Sunday FUN

After driving around the grounds we went to the museum. Let me tell ya it is worth the trip. The air conditioner was working keeping all nice and cool. The gift shop was a real big surprise. Everything was nice and neat of course but the prices were "normal" not the usual over priced stuff. For that alone I think this museum will always on my list of good places to visit.

The picture below is Nonie being a dork. We were allowed to hold and use the tools of the past while down in the beaver camp. I threatened Nonie with one of the clubs :o) Now I got to "shoot" her with a club above her head.

Ain't she cute! We miss you already Nonie.

This UGLY Indian was on the side of the road as we drove up to the museum. The gardens and statues are simply beautiful. This Indian is just unbecoming in person.
This is a picture of the entry. Very beautiful.

LOVE all the paraphernalia included in the exhibits. Everything was well lite and tastefully and artfully displayed.

This elephant head was absolutely gianormas! One day I would like to see some in their natural habitat. Oh geez they are sooo huge! All of the pictures are framed with bark from trees on the grounds of Woolaroc.

These chairs were so cool. They also have the love seat, kings chair, and other style chair made of the same materials scattered thru the museum.

Shortly after we entered a little blond girl was looking at a huge painting of Indians dancing around a large camp fire. She asked her daddy what they were doing. He told her they were dancing. She said "I want to dance too daddy!" and began her little dance. Her brother saw what she was doing so he ran over and yelled "Me too". There dad tyred to get them to settle down but gave up when he saw all of were really enjoying watching them look and the painting so they could dance like the men in the painting.
There were several painting of Indian women bare chested. I think I inherited my dislike of bras from my ancestors :o) The proof is in the paintings.
We had such an enjoyable time walking around in cool comfort. You all need to give it a look see.
Now I am off to sew.

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