Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh give me a home

Where the Buffalo roam..........and walk right up to the car to check you out. There was a huge herd of BIG bulls, cows and baby buffalo, half of them walking down the road we were trying to drive on.

My cousin from California made it in Saturday. She invited us to with her to Woolaroc (Woods, lake, rock) up by Bartlesville. IT WAS AWESOME! We had such a wonderful time. Check it out at wwwdot
We had a guide show us how beaver hunters lived back 1862. FIRST off there was NO air conditioning. Poor man was sweating up a storm as he was dressed in full costume. By that I mean long sleeve shirt and what at first looked like a pair of chaps that for some strange reason had a flap in front and back.
You see in my neck of the woods Cow boys, men, girls, or cow women wear chaps OVER jeans. Anyway our guide told us all kinds of interesting facts and showed us all kinds of dead animal skins.
Suddenly my cousin noticed his hairy legs when the flap moved. Oh my goodness! He did not have on pants! Cuz then wanted to know what was under the flaps. She would not ask him. (Nonie is a chicken)

She did however have the nerve to put on the koon skin hat with a skunk tail. Attractive head gear Aunt nono :o)

We threw hatchets at a stack of old wood.

We shot a muzzle loader that made my ear ring for the next thirty minutes. Believe me when I tell you that gun had to have weighed fifty pounds. I was so shocked at how heavy it was. The man that loaded the gun for us helped hold the darn thing up so I could shoot it. I thought I did a good job. He said I shot above "it". I was aiming for a little round target looking thing.

My cousin put on ear protection. (Cute head gear Nonie)

Took aim and shot at the bear. BEAR? I didn't see no bear. oops :0)

Then we headed to the museum. I will post those pictures later.
Saturday night we had a family reunion at my cousin Brandi house. All of us "oldies" sat around and caught up on each others lives while our young ones and Uncle John did the cooking and cleaning. Thankfully my dearest daughter prepared the patties and sides before hand. The food was awesome!
I was so glad my niece from Tulsa was able to join us. We so enjoyed seeing you Traci.
All of us oldies working our jaws while Linda was showing us her good leg.

Sadly my daughters Aunt "nono" has left us once again. We won't see her until October 2010.
More later.

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