Saturday, November 21, 2009

An affair of the Heart

I attended "An Affair of the Heart" at the Tulsa fairgrounds today. From the crowd no one would ever guess our economy was in bad shape. A couple of the Ilse were so full of people I could barley breath! It got really uncomfortably hot and stuffy in the Quick Trip building. The crowd thinned out around two.

Oh there were several NEW hand made items. Some people are so very creative. I will take pictures of the two I bought if I remember tomorrow.

Street Cats of Tulsa booth had the new releases of the Laurel Burch purses. Of course they had the kitties patterns. I had to have one large purse plus a cute little zipper bag and the most gouges scarf. I also purchased an item from them for Lulu's Christmas gift. They had Laural Burch fabric made into catnip bags so I purchased one for my kitties. Let me tell ya I was surprised what a hit it was with them. Only my baby Jai did not have anything to with it. It must have had the good kind of cat nip since none the my cats ever go crazy over the cat nip toys I have brought home in the past.

My back started to bother me while I was walking around (after three hours) so I finished up and left. I had to go to Hobby Lobby for a new picture for my new office, however, the pictures were not on sale this week so I purchased some metal "stuff". I would have never guessed in a million years I would be into metal more and more as I age. The deer are everywhere on the roads it seems so I wanted to get home before it was dark.

Since the sun was still shinning when I left Hobby Lobby I went to the Chinese drive thru for Lu and I some take out.

Now I am tired and ready to clean off my bed and hit the hay.

Have a wonderful week end.


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