Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's HERE!!!!

My Christmas gift from my darling LuLu! I really loved her Kindle so she purchased one for me. She ordered it early just in case they sold out. How lucky am I!

I purchased the pink skin from Amazon also. Gives the plain white a bit of personality. I had Lu put the skin on for me. I must say it look GOOOOD.

I started my new job Monday. So far all is awesome. I had to leave early today as the nurse from my mothers nursing home called my cell with a message I was to contact her. I tried to contact her for half an hour with out success. Finally I just hopped into the car to go see her in person. She said mom was fine however she had fallen again. This time on her fanny. I went in and talked to her before her supper arrived and she seemed fine. I was glad to see the nurse attached a wheel chair alarm as mom was on the floor awhile before they found her.

On a happier note I now have an office of my own with a big double window I will be able to save my beautiful fuchsia. I may even try to over winter my bougainvillea after I transplant it into a prettier "inside" planter.
Off to bed.

Working a job and a half has really cut in to my computer time.

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A Plus Quilt Shop said...

I was thinking of getting the kindle too! Yours looks great with the skin and it looks easy to read. I may just have to break down and get one~!