Sunday, December 20, 2009

almost over

The house has sold and closed. The last of the furniture was loaded up on its way to a needy family in Tulsa this morning. Only one porch and the garage left to clean out. We should have that completed Tuesday.

Then all that is left to do is haul off the trash, sweep and mop the floors and hand the key over to the new owners. By Wednesday it will be all over.

We will then start the New Year off with a lot less stress.

Of course I still need to find full time employment. Proceeds from the sale of the house will hold us over for a little while. Hopefully long enough for me to hook up with a good company.

When I start pulling down a full pay check each week we will arrive on easy street :o) From my thoughts to God's ear.

All ready for Christmas. Just need to purchase some chew bones for the two dogs.

Have a wonderful week!

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