Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Ruffles

Beautiful purple/black leafs. How pretty are these elephant ears! I am the proud owner of two!!
Once mine are in their new bed I will take a picture of them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kindle vs Nook

I have wondered lately which one is better, Kindle (we own 2) or the Nook.

I finished reading the fifth book in the series by Madelyn Alt and needed to download the newly released book from April 9th. To my shock there was not a Kindle release, only hardback. That means shipping and waiting for arrival of the book or driving to the City to pick the book up. What to do?

After whining A LOT I checked the Barnes and Noble site for the book to make sure they even had it in stock before going to the City. Once on the site I noticed THEY had the e book of "A Witch in Time"! It was more expensive than the hard cover book at Amazon!

I downloaded the book with many a grumble so I could finish up the series. While in the City yesterday for a beading class at Beadles in BA I stopped in at B&N to look for a new series to grab my attention. Upon entry to the store there sat the NOOK in all its glory. Oh my they have the cutest covers for the Nook (pink envelope cover just for me!). Course the Nook is 259 and the cover was 35. Have I mentioned we own 2 kindles? (Only one has an awesome cover, purple with an ugly long strap thingy to keep it closed. NOT mine btw)

Since I have to read books on my 17 inch lap top (that is a HUGE territory compared to the Kindle that I am used to) I almost bought us a Nook. Just so I would not have to read books from my computer since it so very much more comfortable to use my hand held. In the end I did walk away from the Nook as I figured I could suffer a bit and would rather spend the money on new books and beads.

So what are your thoughts? Which e reader do you use? Or do you just read an actual book? Do you think owning two different e readers (three counting the computer) is worth it?

Have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

19th in the Nation

Not something to crow about since they are saying Green Country is 19th in the Nation for high allergens. It is, of course, all that wind whipping down our planes. :o)

The high grass count has kept me in the house all day. I did go out and get the mail and water the dog but then came right back in.

I was so happy that I had been feeling so well so far this year. I will start on the meds tonight and feel like I am walking thru a think fog for the next week until I get used to the side effects of the pills.

I hope to work in my garden tomorrow as they are expecting rain on Friday.

Course I have to get my taxes filed first.

How's it going in your part of the country?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Such a wonder day

This bunch of Variegated Solomon's Seal started out as four little plants two years ago. Now look at their beauty! I have split off a hand full each year to spread around in the shade garden. Under their graceful necks are tiny white bell flowers. Tiny little border hostas by the fence.

This is a low spot in the garden. I need to slowly build up the dirt here so the winter freeze and thaws do not kill my grass and hostas. Several of the hostas bit the dust this past winter so I need to re plant in this area......slowly this time.

I have another bumper crop of wild violets this year. There are even some pure white ones this year! I get tickled when I read other blogs where the gardeners are so thrilled these weeds are growing in their space. I rip out hundreds of violets each year. I will be tearing out everything in this garden, working in lots of dirt conditioner. I plan on making this a total hosta garden as it is almost always in shade I will put in my new blue and yellow hostas.

This little corner of ground cover is spreading well along with trans planted Solomon's Seal from last year.

I am going to add some Homestead Purple verbena to this spot this year.

I plan on putting these blooming beauties thru out to pull the spaces together. LOVE the color.

This is a new grass for the garden this year. Also the good ol'standby lantana for the sunny front. At the bottom you see a sweet potato vine. These grow to be gi-normas in my garden...almost over takes the area and kills out the perennials. I am moving it over to a some what bare spot this year so it can just grow to its hearts content.

We are having such a beautiful day here in Green Country. This is looking out to the right from my patio.
We do NOT look over to the left as we can see the nasty man that lives back there. He enjoys making gross noise while scratching himself and staring at the people in my yard. He noticed me on the patio and started up his nasty behavior so I am now inside on this beautiful day. I hope to afford privacy fencing for that side of my yard SOON!
From this distance the green fence around my shade garden just fades away. BaiLeigh is checking out the sent of some critter that has been visiting us a night. Big dogs paws are the size of dessert plates so she kills most every plant she steps on therefore I must fence. As you can see from the shadows cast on the pole barn my trees have not even started to bud yet. The big bird bath was once my grandpa's then moms and now mine. That whole corner is being worked on this year.
More pics to follow as my garden continues to grow.
Hope you have a beautiful week end also.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I went to Sally Jean's blog.
I was sad.
Oh! whats this. She is going to Dallas at the end of this month!
Of course the virgin class is sold out.
I asked her to put me on the "list".
Maybe someone will win the lottery and decide they won't have time to solder :o)
There are still openings in two of her classes but
the picture quality is so poor I can't tell what one of'm really looks like.
And since I am not a crown wearing kinda girl I won't take the 2 day... right?
It really depends if I have to drive to Texas anyway......
I will if I get in the Virgin class.............fingers crossed.

Late again

I missed sign up!
I finally decided to go to Silver Bella this year
I wanted to take classes with the one and only(s)
Sally Jean
Lisa Kaus.
I picked my five classes.
EVERY single one of Salley Jean & Karri Ming's are sold out!
I won't pay $111.00 for a class I have
NO interest in.
Still I am sad.....sigh.
Maybe next year I will Make up my mind

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I had a wonderful afterenoon digging in the dirt! I so love the feel of dirt in my hands.

I planted 3 hostas this afternoon. I went looking for some six pack plants but Walmart did not have any - NONE!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

time to grow

This picture was taken last July of my garden. This year I plan to do the inside circle of the trees....I only have 12 trees the back now. I have spent an interesting night researching the hostas I purchased at Sam's yesterday. I have three: zounds, yellow river, wide brim, northern exposure, bressingham blue, and mama mia. I purchased ten Albo-marginata hostas, 4 lady ferns, 3 elephant ears (need more), 3 pink bleeding hearts, and 50 white caladiums. I think this will keep me busy most of tomorrow. It is supposed to rain Friday so I may just get two of the small side garden plants in and save the big round circle for next week. I need to amend the soil before anything is tucked into its new home. I am still kind of leery about having another freeze and I surely do not want to have to cover up a hundred plants! Altho I saw several little heads pinking up from the ground today so ready or not the plants are ready!
I plan on hitting several garage sales and auctions to purchase old plates and such to do some mosaic art on the stepping stones this year. I found a blog were a lady had mosaic garden.....even on a manikin! Sadly I can't locate her blog again. She had such lovely stuff she had in her garden! sniff, sniff. If only I would have saved it instead thinking I would remember it.
Heading off to bed. Have a sunny Thursday!