Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Please note: this picture was taken BEFORE she drank the Pepsi :o)

Hope you all have a safe and wonderfully happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We got snow again. LOTS more snow.

We decided to return unwanted, un needed or just not picked up Christmas gifts today. The TV kept saying there were no lines and LuLu is off today. So off to the stores we go.

The roads were not bad. We had a Mullins Plumbing truck about take us out at one light. Their van stopped on ice and the driver had to gun it good to get the van going again. Good thing he was a good driver.

We had a return to Sam's. Had to buy another box of croissants. YUM! Also found books for 4.47 each. I purchased Patricia Cornwells "Book of the Dead". I was surprised I missed one of her books. The others were best sellers that I had already read.

My old boss at the bank sent me a Christmas card with a Borders Books gift card in it. I usually shop at Barns & Nobles so the gift card gave me an excuse to check out Borders. The store was nice but I am just more comfortable at B&N.

I bought come new Stampington magazines and A dark chocolate candy bar. Needless to say I won't mind be snowed in tomorrow. :o) The roads were getting pretty bad by the time we got home. The temp dropped from 35 to 29 in a blink of the turn signal. I was glad LuLu was with me as I had her out in the blowing snow pumping the gas.

On a sadder note Mom is still in the hospital. We met with the Doctor this morning. She said mom has pneumonia. They caught it early so she should improve quickly. Moms eyes were red rimmed today and she was more than slightly cranky. I got tickled at her when she said she was just a little under the weather. Bless her heart she really feels a lot worse than she did yesterday.

Have a safe tomorrow and keep warm.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Were you dreaming of a white Christmas? I sure was not.

Our Christmas is being cancelled as we are in the mist of a white Christmas blizzard. I saw my mom yesterday. I called my brother. fortunately my dd is here with me so it will just be us two for Christmas as the rain has been ongoing for a while and the temps are dropping.

We hit the grocery stores yesterday. That means the fridge and freezer are FULLY stocked. The winds have been clocked over 60 miles an hour and power outages are becoming more common. Man I just can't afford to lose all the food in the fridge as it is to last us two to three weeks. Course if it happens I will start my New Year diet early :o)

My heart goes out to those that have to travel in the white stuff. Since we have had rain since yesterday there will be a thin sheet of ice under the snow.

Times like this I wish I had a working fireplace.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

almost over

The house has sold and closed. The last of the furniture was loaded up on its way to a needy family in Tulsa this morning. Only one porch and the garage left to clean out. We should have that completed Tuesday.

Then all that is left to do is haul off the trash, sweep and mop the floors and hand the key over to the new owners. By Wednesday it will be all over.

We will then start the New Year off with a lot less stress.

Of course I still need to find full time employment. Proceeds from the sale of the house will hold us over for a little while. Hopefully long enough for me to hook up with a good company.

When I start pulling down a full pay check each week we will arrive on easy street :o) From my thoughts to God's ear.

All ready for Christmas. Just need to purchase some chew bones for the two dogs.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


They FINALLY listened to us? Us being the customer and "they" being the BANK. No.

Due to recent bank REGULATION changes they (bank) have finally taken our over draft amount out of our available balance. We have asked for this from our bank for years. Their answer? "We can't do that. The program is written to include the over draft amount. The only way to remove it is to remove your over draft protection."

Funny thing is Arvest NEVER had the over draft amount included in the amount. I thought then and still think this was just another way of a small town bank taking advantage of customers. Ranks right up there with small town banks that post the checks to the accounts, some times causing an over draft along with lots of charges, then they would post deposits. Ooops! They would say. Your checks arrived before the deposit was two minutes so now you owe us $35.00. AND being the nice people we are we did not send the check back we just charged you a small fee. PHOOEY!

So now the program no longer has the over draft protection amounts in your balance. Took the IT guy at the bank a flip of a switch to remove it. However, I can still guarantee you there is a hefty number on the income statement for overdraft charges. I worked at a bank and am NOT in favor of over drafting an account.

However I do have a question for those that do over draft their accounts. WHY do you write a $50.00 check each day of the week? Why not just write one for $400.00 and get it over with? Only one fee to incur? Why I ask? WHY????

Such a petty pet peeve :o)

I am sleepy and cranky today. I have tons to do and NO energy. Too much stress in my life that has nothing to do with the Season. Well, almost nothing.

I have a dirty house. I need to remove the rest of my mother's belongings from her house as we have sold it and will be closing next week. BIG stressor there. We still have fleas and my dd big dog is allergic to fleas so her butt is almost stripped of hair as she has chewed it all off. It is cold and have froze here so the dang fleas should be DEAD! ( I put new flea stuff on all the animals last evening and vitamin E on big dogs hinney)

I still work two jobs and my mother's health is declining. I know I should just be glad I have a paying job but I really need some energy as by Saturday all I can do is sit on the couch and yawn. Oh, and I EAT all day between yawns.

Other than that life is good. I have a warm soft bed to sleep in and too much food to stuff my face to get fatter with. I need more energy.

Guess I will have to give up and exercise. yuck. I would rather sew on my quilt and hammer on the metal jewelry I am making for Christmas gifts.

We watched Julie and Julia tonight. Such a good movie. We really liked it. I was not ready for it to end. Good lesson tho as Julia Child's lived to be OVER 90 years old and ate her weight in butter. :o)

Off to sleep in my soft warm bed.

Have a blessed December.