Friday, February 26, 2010

e reader

I needed a book to read last night so I went to Amazon to purchase the next book in the Maggie Sefton knitter series for my Kindle. But amazon said book #4 was not available.

So I popped over to Barnes and Noble. Low and behold there was book #4. I downloaded B&N's free e reader, bought book 4 and kept reading. I also noticed while I was at B&N some of their e books are cheaper than Amazon.

Good news is now we have a choice on which store we purchase our e books from. I *think* I enjoy reading on the Kindle better, however, I do not plan to give up on the e reader. I will go with the store that has the cheapest book.

Since Amazon has book 5 cheaper than B&N I will purchase it from them. We will see where book 6, 7, and 8 come from.

Which book reader do you like best?

How exciting!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Beauty

How pretty is this quilt? I have it in line to make. I keep pulling out this pattern and moving it up in the stack of quilt tops to do this year. I just love the colors. All of her patterns just makes me smile as they are so very ***happy*** inducing.
My most favorite part of all, of course, is the cats hidden in the borders. LOVE, love, love those cats. I have already pulled most of the fabric. Really must find some small check fabric. MUST make this sooner!
Gloomy day here in the heartland. I have been straightening up the library. We purchased one paper back from many different authors from a book store going out of business in Joplin. I am stuck in para normal, cozy mystery loop lately. I need to find new series to read. So I thought this was the best way to "test" out some new (to me) series of books, at 65% off list no less. All that being said I have books stacked here and there and it looks rather junky (normal for me as I love my piles) so I need to carry in a new to me little wooden book shelf to add to my small reading space. The book shelf is in desperate need of a paint job so I was storing it until spring when I would be able to paint it. Oh well, at least it will look neater as my library is right off the entry.
Finished up a Harlan Coben book last evening. He is one of those guys that keeps me glued to my seat until I finish the whole book. I love his Myron Bolitar series. The guy is such a smart mouth. Drop Shot did not disappoint.
Vancouver please send us your 52 degree sun shinning weather as I need me some sunshine soon!
Go USA!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ain't it beautiful? Picture it with beveled lead glass, and in door hardware.

Can you believe that people in construction supplies in Tulsa, Oklahoma does not know what a dutch door is? What is wrong with you people? You are employed at a Home Depot in the door department and have NO idea what a dutch door is. "oh well maybe someone can special order you one"!!!! Are you serious?!? YOU are the "someone" in charge of this department don't you think YOU should be the person to look it up?

Same thing happened at Lowe's. Have these people been raised in Castles? Tents? Mud huts? My ancestors came from tee pees and I know what a dutch door is.......and I love 'm and still what one in the kitchen leading to the wash room.

But guess what? I have to order it from the inter net and have it delivered here. Can't buy one in a local store.

Dutch door dot com had free shipping until Valentines day..... I just missed it.

Go figure.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V Day!

I need to learn to take better jewelry photos. I made two pair of ear rings for Lu's V day gift. One set a star on a silver and the other a heart on a silver. She wore her hearts today.

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One more time

Mom is back in the hospital. She is black and blue from head to toe. Some of the places they tried to get her blood from are all knotted up and HUGE. Her platelets are so low she will have to stay for a few days before she can go back to her room.

I was able to get a spot in Saturday's soldering class. Yay! the weather is going to cooperate so dd will get a Valentin's present. Not sure what it is we are making but it will be lu's.

So proud of myself for getting my taxes completed before the middle of the month. This is a record breaker.

Have a couple of projects pulled together to work on while I sit with mom.

Looking forward to to follow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Day

Today is a design day. You of those days that it seems like every thing you do give you an idea for a design of some COOL thing? Well it seems that today is one of those days.

I love side or out side I just love to have life all around me. Especially inside. Makes the house brighter and air cleaner. But I have CATS. They are into everything and put everything in their mouth. I do not like looking at eaten on plants.

That being said a cool idea popped into my head while watching the American Olympic ski team on the telly. So I must get myself to a Lowe's real soon. I am excited to have plants IN the den with us again. Pictures to follow if it works..............which of course it will :o)

My baby nephew is coming to town. I say that with a big smile as Matthew is like 6 foot 2, very broad shoulders (he works out), blond hair, blue eye handsome kid of twenty something. I used to use him as my baby doll. He let me fix his hair and dress him up. lol I have some pictures that he wishes I would lose of him in diaper and dress. Course he was just a baby and one would only know it was Matt from the beautiful blond curls as none of the girls in the family has/had the beautiful ringlets.

I am ready to paint and re do the den. Just waiting for warm weather and of course a paying job so I can afford to buy the needed items. It has been about ten years since I have painted so it is desperately needed. I am going with French shabby chic as I love the Eiffel Tower and pink. Excited to see my plans come to fruition.

Trying to get week end stuff done with a sick kitty whining at my ankles is difficult. Carter has a snotty nose and wants to be held. He follows me around and crying for attention. I thought I was well past carrying a "toddler" on my hip (shoulder) when my daughter entered middle school. Not so when the kitty is not feeling well. Hope he is better soon running around the house tearing up jack.

Now I must clean some and ready to visitors. (Carter is taking a nap!! Oh happy hour.)

Have a warmly wondrous week end.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guess what?

It is snowing.

Again :o(

We have what is left over from the last six inches.

Now we are in line for two more.

So NOT excited.
However, Maggi is loving it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good bye January

So glad to see January 2010 is now history. I absolutely HATE winter. I hate the dullness of everything after the sparkle of December. I dislike the COLD, always.

I want/must have more sun shine!! I saw a count down to spring on a web site. Wish I had copied it to my blog so I could keep track of springs arrival.

We still have snow on the ground. It is slowly melting. My puppies come in wet every time they come back in for their romps in the snow. I don't think I will have a clean floor until summer.

Hope everyone has a happy February.