Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sue Spargo Eye Candy

the quilt above is Sue Spargo design made by another lady whose name I can't remember. It was so very beautiful in person.
When I took Sues picture (see post below) she gave me permission to post these pictures. I can't post all of the pics I took as there were two unpublished quilts at the trunk show that she asked us not to post. Of course I forgot the two we can't show. So I am only posting the safe ones.

I absolutely love giraffes. This is such a cute quilt.

Close up of the giraffes.

Picture of one of the purses. My daughter wants the back pack Sue designed. I won't use as much wool in the one I make as the material is just too expensive.
I bought a bunch of decorators sample books so I will use that fabric to make a couple of purses and dd back pack.
Have a joy filled week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sue Spargo

Thursday evening was Sue Spargo Trunk Show. OH MY GOSH! This is one talented lady.

From 9:00 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. was a wonderful all day class with Sue showing us how to do some of the cool things she does. Sue is so sweet. She kindly showed us steps over and over until we all got them. We played with the most beautiful wool. At 50.00 to 60.00 a yard I could only purchase inches of some cool colors. I will post a pic of the class project when I get it finished.
Crazy quilting had prepared me for a lot of the stitches we used to create our wonderfully textured piece. I can also use the fibers, velvets, buttons, and metal that was purchased while I was pretending to be a crazy quilter.
We spent the night in Rogers, Arkansas last night since we would have to get up and gone before seven a.m. to be in time for class. Our hotel room smelled clean as it was a non smoking room but my daughters pillow smelled like sour sweet ( I bought a new neck pillow at Wal Mart so I did not use the hotel pillows) and the shower would not work.
Bikers, Blues and BBQ is going on this week end at Fayetteville, AR so the few hotel rooms available had DOUBLED their prices. I told the lady at the hotel it was good for her but hard on my wallet. However, I did not want to drive two hours home and then turn around and go right back so I paid the charge.
It is so quite here tonight as our puppies are at the Bed and Breakfast in Grove. We were too late to get them out tonight. I will be up bright and early tomorrow to go pick my fur babies up and bring them home.
Have a joyful evening!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quilts of Valor

Amanda over on "crazy mom quilts" invited 59 of her readers (first 59 that signed up) to make one red, white, and blue 12.5 x 12.5 block. She reserved the right to toss any block that did not meet the size requirement. Now I understand why!

The above laying on my 12.5 by 12.5 template is the first block I made. You can see it was off by a LOT. (pale green border around the sides)

Above is the second block. Still does not make the cut as too much of the template is showing.

YEAH! the third one is right on the money, well almost. (sorry for the flash glare) I only had to trim two little tiny places.
Man how do quilters do it perfect all the time? I made my first template out of soft plastic sheet.........I kept cutting the template every darn time I used it! So of course it just kept getting smaller and smaller.
Finally I asked my daughter to pick up a 4.5x4.5 thick template before she came home yesterday evening. I still had problem with cutting but slippage was the problem this time. My poor old hands are so tired. But I have finally completed the the needed block.
I plan to send her the boo boo blocks just in case she plans a quilt using smaller blocks or for a dust rag :o) . My block will be winging its way across the country later today.
Off to get some shut eye.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Polka Spots

I just love polka spots. Don't know where or when it all began but I have noticed for the last couple of years any thing with polka spots draws my attention. I also love black and white checker board cloth. It really draws my eye into the project.

I bought a chest at Hobby Lobby a few months back. I had no idea how to gussy it up until Suze over at "pink crayon studio" posted some box projects she has been working on for her studio. I had purchased some polka dotted paper to stuff in a gift and just could not bring myself to use it! Just seemed wrong to crunch up that beautiful spotted paper and stuff it in a bag just to be put in the trash after. Now it will become one of the layers on my chest.

Only one area is a concern. Some how something got on the corner of the chest and stained it. I will have to do something to get my paper to stick.

Pictures will follow later today if I can get the layers to dry. Since we are having a cool rainy, sunless day I may have to finish it up tomorrow.

Oh and I finally get to do a "Quilt of Valor" block! I received an e mail from Amanda Jean at "crazy mom quilts" to send a block to her. I will whip that out today also.

Second Oh, btw I am listening to music again! Be glad you can't her me singing along!

Good things to follow :o)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

One cool Tool

I bought a Kindle for my daughter as an early birthday gift a few months back. She has raved about it since. Course it was NOT on sale when I purchased it :o(

Since I could not play on my computer since the electric cord stopped working I have been reading more. It seemed I was at WalMart every day or so buying more books. Last evening it was nearly midnight I was searching for a new book to read. I had just finished up Yasmine Galenorns' "A Harvest of Bones". I told my daughter this was the only one of her books I had seen at our WalMart. As it was the fourth in her series I wanted to get the first book and read forward.

Lulu said she was reading a "hard" book (paper) at the time so I could use her Kindle if I wanted to! Since she only had great things to say about it I finally gave in. Well! let me tell you I am a convert. It was such a cool experience. I sat in my den at nearly midnight, typed "Galenorn" into her Kindle and up pops all of the books by that author. I picked the first one in her series and in LESS than a minute the book had downloaded and I was reading!!!! The cost of the book was a little more (less than a dollar) than I would have paid for the paperback at WalMart! Just think of the gas I saved not to mention the the money I would have spent as I walked thru the store when I noticed things I "needed'. The only bad part is I am a fast reader so this could end up being kinda expensive if I decide not to wait until the new books arrive at the library. Any way I think I may be in LOVE with cool little devise.

Also the Kindle does not weigh very much so it is easier on my hands to hold which in turn puts less stress on my elbow.

The Kindle store is open 24/7. I could be in the middle of Grand Lake and still download a book! How awesome is that?

Off to finish my book :o)