Friday, January 29, 2010

Let it snow!

Sad looking frozen garden. You can see the blowing snow. Nice big fat wet flakes.

We have received between 5 and 6 inches of snow. My little dog has to run as fast as she can to bust thru the snow. Oh how they love to go out and run all the way to the back and then race into the house.

My daughter made it work today. She is on her way home now. The longest fifteen minutes of the day. Course I want to call to make sure she is o.k. except I instructed her NOT to answer the phone and to concentrate on her driving. Also the driving of others is just as important.

Have you hugged your snowman lately?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I found a new Blog

"Crafting with Cat Hair". I just love the name of this blog. I should have thought of first. I had to quit crocheting because of my cats. At least one of the darling furies are sitting with me at all times. When I paint I usually end up with "real" cat paw prints, and hair. And so it goes.

I have put their button on the side bar as she is spear heading stash busting in 2010. I most certainly need to do this. After cleaning out my moms house I can see how much "stuff" we hold on to that is not worth holding on to for years. We put stuff up for special use later only to throw it away years later as it was forgotten or plain rotted. I have lots of old stuff I plan on using in my journal this year. That should rid a drawer or so full of stuff. Also:

Now maybe I will actually finish the quilts I have started.
(when the quilt along blog is finished I just stop working on them)
Only purchase the FEW items I need to finish a project.
I just started doing wire wrap jewelry....oops.
(no sad)
NO more pattern purchases. (seriously?)
(I can use the hundred or so I already have...or gift them to some one that will use them)
It seems I spend most of my time cleaning the studio instead of working in it. I hope this will help me use up stuff while it is still good and current.
Join me?
At least wish me luck!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to have a Happy Heart

With all the sad news that abounds in today's news I just read Nie Nie's blog. It stated that she is Home! How wonderful. The love of that family just makes me smile. I believe it has to be endless. I wish we could all experience that kind of love (without their pain of course) every day.

The poor economy is having a terrible effect on the police and fire people in Tulsa. I have to wonder how safe Tulsa will be with 20% LESS police officers? Crime in my home town is just out of hand. Our officers are in more danger daily. They are out numbered and out gunned by the bad guys. With fewer officers for back up and to protect the Innocent............... it is just scary stuff. All in all Tulsa will suffer more as people will cancel plans to go there to shop and for conventions.

On a better note I heard from the bead store in Broken Arrow that they have a place for me in their Saturday class. I am very excited about this. I have never been in the store and their web site is kinda basic. ( I plan to make an awesome neckless for Lu......I hope. For some reason I just love all things metal so wire should be fun! Also, I received an e mail from the store with a 20% off coupon. That will come in handy Saturday I am sure.

I got a new book for my Kindle. I sure love that little device.

Keep warm.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Such Beauty and a smile

BaiLea just makes me laugh when she tries to "talk" to the camera. Gotta love that face.

I am sitting here watching CMT. Toby Keith's "Wayman's Song" just played. Even tho it is sad the world lost Wayman that song makes me smile. The beautiful smiles in the pictures of Wayman and his family just lift me up. And Toby Keith's voice. WOW. I think that song brings out the best of his vocal skills. All in all just a beautiful song about a beautiful guy sang beautifully by his friend.

In the mail today I received my Quilters Newsletter. So much beauty within the pages of this magazine. Harbor Lignthouse, Drink of Water, and Red Truck are so beautiful. Hope Springs in Cremona by Harumi Asada just took my breath away. That is just a few quilts on the first 19 pages. And the cuteness of "Finders Keepers" on page 50 just made me smile. The Blue Melon Patch put me in mind of the quilt along we are doing at Don't Look Now. My only complaint is the draping of "Pistachio Ice Cream" as I would love to see the whole quilt. All in all pages and pages of beautiful works of art.

I have to clean the studio today. Muddy paws ( see picture of 100 pound mutt above) thanks to our melted snow and "people" throwing junk in there to get it out of their way (Lu!) has made it unattractive and not very conducive to creativity.

Hope your day is filled with beauty and lots of smiles!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh what a Beautiful Morning!

Such a beautiful day. My mom is out of the hospital. She is almost back to her old self. I get worried when she is sweet and loving. She is a natural crank.

My ear infection is gone! I can now stay awake for more than an hour at a time.

It is still cold but is expected to get ALL the way up into the 50's this week. Happy dance! I do hate cold weather.

Too early to have much going on. I have the laundry started. I am boiling a pot of water on the stove to raise the humidity in the house as the humidity had fallen down to 35 over night. I feel much more comfortable at 60%. Of course that way I am not getting all those pesky shocks every time I shuffle across the floor.

Lu left a full cup of Pepsi in the den that got turned over during the night by one of the runner kitties. Sticky mess to clean up this morning.

I am happy, healthy, not very wealthy,and sometimes wise. Looking forward to a wonderful week.

Hope you have one too!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh the weather out side is frightful! But all my fur babies are nice and warm in the house with me. And guess what? We are under a WIND CHILL ADVISORY! Have you ever hear of such?

Yep. Our temp out side is ZERO! feels like 15 below. I do NOT live in
Alaska folks. I am in Oklahoma, USA. Course the news said it is even freezing in Florida.

Speaking of... I have been trying to locate a small "unknown" or "undiscovered" little town over in Florida close to the water that is reasonably priced (compare to Oklahoma) so I can move there. This cold and snow keeps me in the house. Not that I mind staying home but seriously folks I need a job. Oh to win the lottery! Course that would mean I would actually have to buy a ticket. :o) and since I am unemployed I do not waste money on a pipe dream. I only waste my free time on pipe dreams and since I am unemployed I have lots of free time.

Mom is still in the hospital. Sound like a broken record here. She did look a little better yesterday when Lu visited her. I am home with a massive ear infection so I did not get to visit. Since I am unemployed and uninsured I am just gonna have to tough it out. Fortunately I had some left over guaifenesin in the cabinet so I am popping two of those babies and drinking gallons of water, which it is always good to drink lots of water, right? Anyway it keeps the pressure on my ear within reason.

Keep warm it cold out there.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


Poor Mommy is still in the hospital. She is usually always wrapped in her snowman blanket shivering. This picture was taken in November before she got pneumonia. I am hoping she will be able to go back to the nursing home this week. She HATES the hospital. She says their food is awful and she freezes all the time. She now has two extra flannel blankets to help keep her toasty.

The snow on the deck did not have time to melt before the next wave of snow came in. It felt like 14 degrees out there per channel 6 weather team. I sure do believe them.

I think Lu's dog is the only one that loves to go out for a romp in the white stuff. I set the timer on the oven so I remember to make her come back in to the house after twenty minutes of play time. She was covered head to toe when I went to get her. Good thing dd keeps towels by the back door to dry BaiLea off. Her feet are the size of bread plates. They have a ton of snow packed into them. My floors are wet half the time from the snow melting from between her toes. Oh well, nothing a mop can't handle.

Meanwhile I have been reading, as usual. I finished my first books of 2010. Lorna Barret's "Booktown Mystery" series is a good cozy mystery. I have read all three of them thanks to the snow and have started on Victoria Laurie's "A Psychic Eye Mystery" series. I am really enjoying this one also. For a sister less person I really love reading sister mysteries.

I finished the first of Laurie's books this afternoon and thanks to my Kindel I have the second one on its way for me to read after I clean up after supper. That Kindel was a wonderful invention!

Off to clean the kitchen then to start reading Better Red than Dead. BTW: I am almost half thru the 12 in 2010 challenge. Sweet! (sometimes I read too much?)

Keep warm.