Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a differance a day makes!

I covered the main part of my hostas with old sheets. It kept snowing and lightly raining for most of last evening.

After the sun had been up awhile and had a chance to take the chill off the air I uncovered the plants.

I think they made it for the most part. Course it will take about three days or so for the damage to show up.
I am glad the sun is shinning to day. BaiLea stayed out a couple of hours even tho she still is feeling under the weather. She is so mopey............I think I am going to get worried about her if she does not snap out of it soon. I am going to ask DD to give the dog an allergy shot just in case that is the main problem.
I forgot to take my allergy pill last night and am sorely paying for it today. I stayed in bed until dd left for work at two this afternoon. Course I had to get up early to take care of the dogs and the garden so I should say I kinda laid around today.
I finished listening to "Definitely Dead" by Charlaine Harris before going to bed last night, actually four o'clock this morning. The Tulsa library does not have any of her books on tape so I guess I will have to buy the books and actually read'm! I love to turn on the MP3 while cleaning or working in the garden and listen to books. I rarely have time to just sit and read.......there is usually too much going on. Besides I like to keep my hands busy. Does any one have a cheap source for down loadable books? I found one place online that charges 7.98 per book but that is just too pricey for me. Even when I have full time employment I don't like to pay that much for a book since I can "read" one a day. Expensive habit.
Off to surf the net. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome Spring

My pretty flowers in the pretty weeds.

My poor hostas! I hope the snow will blanket them before it gets really cold. Give them a chance to live to summer. Course I have bed sheets ready to head to the garden if necessary.

Trying to keep my kitties warm.

Winter weather warnings have been issued. "Blizzard" conditions is NOT what I wanted to hear when I turned on the TV.

Have a wonderful and safe day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring cleaning

Have you ever seen a sadder face on a mutt? (please excuse my dd fanny)

BaiLea was such a dirty puppy. I could smell her the second she entered the house.

Even the soap suds were glad to escape the smelly doggie. :o)
One down and one more doggie to go. She will have to wait until next week as "they" are saying it is going to SNOW Saturday!!!!!
Got to love Oklahoma weather.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day of Firsts

First time the fur babies were NOT allowed to come out and play in the sun.

First mower injury for the year. Hopefully the last :o) DD needs to learn to wear shoes when mowing.

First pretty weeds............... anyone want to make some wine?

First pretty flowers in the pretty weeds...........

First time to mow the weed pit aka the lawn.

First time for my dd "new wheels" to be out of the box.

She was so excited to "play" with her new mower. I hope the excitement lasts all summer.
Also, first time for me to touch a slug this year YUCK! I had to scrub my hands with a Mr Clean pad. Those things are just nasty. However, my host as are starting to poke their little heads from the earth.
I was so surprised to see Oklahoma wind had blown every single bit of my mulch away but of course left a ton of leafs. Since the nice soaking rain last evening I can replace the mulch with out watering first. Hopefully the sun and warmth will return in a couple of days and I can get to work in my little garden.
Ain't life wonderful!?!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now what do I do?

I thought JoAnn's Fabrics fabric was "good" quality fabric. They have such cute, bright, fun fabrics. I find inspiration each time I visit......not to mention cool books and patterns. The 40% off coupons enables me to afford to purchase the items I like.

As I was making the rounds reading my favorite blogs one of the ladies stated the Quilts of Valor wanted to make a ton of quilts this spring. I was excited as this lady is an awesome quilter and she said she would quilt the tops we make and even make the label! Since I have no idea how to do a label I thought this was my chance to do something for someone I don't even know as I have always wanted to make a quilt for a service women (think pink**).

Then I went to the site to get the instructions and it said not to use chain store fabric as it is not up to snuff, that we should use quilt store fabric............I do not know of a quilt store that sells fabric I can afford to purchase as they hardly ever have a sale. They also stated we had to use red, white, and blue (not pink). The only patriotic fabric I have is "Hello Kitty", purchased at JoAnn's, and since the site said we had to use age appropriate fabric I am just out of luck.

The blocks for the Bush fire quilt was from the chain store also, so I won't be sending them. Now I feel bad that I even signed up.

I do plan, however, to make my quilt out of the pink, green, and black fabric with the cats on it. I think it is cute and if it falls apart after a while at least I can enjoy it while I have it and can always look at the pictures with fond memories.

Other non interesting news my cold is moving down into my chest making me cranky.

The sun will come out tomorrow..........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New wheels!

It got dark before we could get by Friday evening.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Where's my sewing basket?

My daughter's cat, Tiger Lily, decide this sewing basket made a perfect perch for her afternoon nap. Doesn't she have a beautiful face? Tigs was the first homeless stray to show up in our yard.........and they just keep on coming. We can not afford to adopt any more. Course I can't turn one away hungry so I feed them and hope they keep on their journey.
The weather man just told us we might be getting snow tonight. I have a few perennials poking their heads up thru the ground. Hope they are ready for a white blanket.
Not much else going on tonight. I think I am tired from traveling so much the last two days. Hopefully I will have more energy tomorrow.
For the rest of tonight I am just going to sit here and surf the net.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Signing

Meet P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast, authors of the House of Night Novels.

I purchased the first four books of this series for my daughter for Valentines day. The authors were doing a book signing on their newly released fifth book "Hunted", a House of Night Novel, tonight at Barnes & Noble on Yale.

We arrived a bit after six to pick up our "ticket" then went to Jo Ann's fabrics to shop. We were really surprised when we returned to B&N at the CROWD! P.C. has laryngitis so she was not able to talk a lot making their presentation short and sweet. Since our tickets were "A" we were able to get all five of the books signed and head home by eight o'clock.

Unfortunately, B&N sold out of books by 7:10. The authors kindly agreed to stay until each and every book of the large crowd was signed giving people plenty of time to run over to the other B & N location to purchase a book and return to get it signed.

My daughter had a good time and is happy she has the full series signed by the authors.

I purchased a couple more Simplicity patterns at JoAnns for $1.99, sale prices always makes me happy :o).

Monday, March 9, 2009

New fabric!

Since I was in Jay, OK this morning I decided to go ahead and run over to JoAnn's Fabric in Joplin, Missouri. It was already getting hot at noon and cloudy, a BAD combination in Oklahoma during our "active" season. Since it looked like the rain would hold off for a while I figured I would have time to pick up the material I needed for the two baby quilts I am going to make for co workers then get back home before the weather got ugly.

The fabric above started my down fall. I have wanted to make a quilt out of pinks, blacks and white since I saw a cute pattern in a BHG breast cancer quilting book. The main thing that held me back was I also wanted to use the pea-ish green color.

As I said I was at the fabric store to buy material for a couple of baby I have the beginnings of MY quilt :o) None for the babies............yet.

Since I love kitties this fabric was just perfect for me. The colors are kinda washed out in these photos so you will just have to imagine them brighter. I purchased several pieces of shear sucker (?) fabric as I absolutely love how soft it is. I am not sure if it is a fabric that should be used in quilts but I am about to find out.

I purchased yard, half yard and quarter yard cuts and four fat quarters. I would like to find some black with pink dots and a black with green dots. I have a few other pinks and greens in my small stash that may work also. Soon as I find the magazine that has the pattern in it I will figure out what else I need in order to start cutting.

I am happy that I finally found the plug cord for my sewing machine. Now all I need to do is find where I put the good thread I purchased in Houston last year and I will be good to go. Projects would go MUCH faster if I were organized.

I am really getting excited about starting to sew again.

Happy sewing!

My day is done...

I have worked off and on all day on my bedroom, putting the new rug down, cleaning out my closet. Carter LaRue (little kitty above) decided the whole rug was "his" and has spent the day running all the other animals out of my room, protecting his territory. He has been so entertaining to watch.

Maggie was able to sneak in while Carter was checking out what was going on in the drive across the street. My cats are VERY nosey. I have always hoped the neighbors don't think it is me pinking out the drapes when it is actually one of my nosey kitties :o)
It was rather hot here again today. I threw open the windows and turned on a couple of fans to keep the house cooler as I worked. I love the fresh air after being closed up so long this winter.
My daughter took me to Grove this afternoon for lunch. She had the air conditioner turned on in her truck! (not that I complained mind you) The roads over there by the lake are so curvy they make me ill as I suffer from motion induced migraines. The migraines makes life interesting sometimes, especially when I am not prepared as was the case today, I did not know where she planned on taking me so I did not take my motion sickness pills before we left the house. We had a lovely lunch then went over to Wal Mart to see a friend of hers. I enjoyed walking around letting my lunch "settle" before we headed back home. One of the "good" side effects of being un employed is NOT spending money while walking around a store killing time.
I decided to simplify my life as much as possible. Old stuff that I have been holding on to for years is moving out the door. I am sad to say I had three sacks of shoes in the floor of my closet. Since I can't wear heels any longer there is no reason to hold on to them. I dusted off, polished, did simple repairs to all of my dress heels readying them for charity. Threw away broken down shoes that are beyond repair. Now my closet has clean shoes ready to slip on next time I have a interview.
I also removed all the old clothes I no longer can or will wear. The good ones are going to charity and the ones that can't be used as dusting rags are being pitched. I will NOT be buying clothes or shoes for a long time! Another money saver :o)
Now the time has come to wind down and ready for bed. It is going to take me awhile to get used to daylight savings time that just started today. Everyone else has turned in except me of course. I have an appointment in the morning so staying up playing on the computer half the night is not a good idea.
Sweet dreams!

Monday, March 2, 2009

ISO: Seahorse

About four months ago a co worker handed me a sonogram . Several people were standing around chatting so I was not sure who it belonged it. Being the smart mouth I am I asked "who is having the seahorse?" since the little white thing floating in the black pool looked liked one. I did not know she was expecting as she and her husband were told they would NEVER be able to have a child.

I told the story about my flub to my daughter. Two or so weeks later my dd was in a local drug store looking around and she found the cutest stuffed seahorse! My daughter bought it and brought it to the bank to show me. We took in down stairs to give it to my co worker. Well she was just over the moon with the little blue/yellow/green creature, course it was really cute also. It was the babies first toy!

Today I found out they are expecting a BOY. I would love to find a baby quilt pattern with a cute little sea horse on it. It could even be a pre printed panel such as the adorable big eyed sea horse in Finding Nemo.

If you know of one please point me in that direction. All suggestions are appreciated :o)

Keep happy!