Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have you read

Anne George? She wrote the "Southern Sisters Mysteries". I just finished reading "Murder on girls' Night Out. Oh my.
I laughed so much my daughter thought I was crazy :o) Our library has a couple of her books so I will have to order the rest so I can complete the series of eight. Mrs. George passed away in 2001. Know of any other writer that has a clean, funny series of books like Mrs George wrote?
We have started cleaning out my mothers house. It is a very sad and heart breaking time so I can use the laughter!
It is just sticky hot. We lugged out eight huge bags of trash. There was a couple of times I thought my arms were going to fall off from the weight of the trash. I will be so glad when this is over. It is so hard to go into moms house and know she will never be there again. Truly just heart breaking.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I won this!

This picture does not show the true beauty of this beautiful Post Card by Jo in NZ.

I was so elated when Jo told me I had won "Soar". I received it in the mail today.

Go to her site (link in side bar) and sing up for your own work of art as Jo is having another give away.

Thanks so very much Jo!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys will be boys

One thing I will not have to worry about is being bored when we are without power. The boys are always willing to entertain :o)
Of course they tear up jack while they are running around the house "surprising" each other.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here it comes!

I worked very hard in my garden today. It felt like 90 degrees out in the shade with a slight breeze. I had just started to put the mulch on the completed part when the when the wind started gusting and the sky started getting dark. I kept on working until the winds were shaking the trees so hard the BIG red ants were falling on me..............eeewwww.

I ran back out the nursery to get a couple (five single and one six pack) plants for the garden. Then I wasted time at WalMart buying some Mo-skeet-toe repellent and sun screen. I think half the town was out there shopping. Over two hours later I finally got back home.

Anyway, anyone that has lived in Oklahoma very long knows when it suddenly gets cool after it has been very hot it is time to make sure the path to the storm cellar is clear, every one has on good sturdy shoes, (NO flip flops allowed) and clean underwear just in case you end up in the emergency room (would not want to embarrass Grandma). I make sure I know were my kid and the animals are and a nice big pillow.

I am glad it has cooled down but now that it has rained we may have to put off going to the cemetery to put our flowers out tonight. This time of year is only time I think it is really pretty out there. All the beautiful flowers waving in the wind. Most all the weeds have been trimmed and the head stones and ledgers are all sparkly clean. I hate going out there :O(

Friday, May 22, 2009

Babies all around

These baby robins were waiting for their mom and dad to bring them supper. I was shocked at how low in the tree the nest is. This shot was taken of me standing flat footed on the ground and just raised the camera up over my head and shot down. Probably only like six and a half feet off the ground. I hope they make it to adulthood.

I have started reading Charlaine Harris' "Aurora Teagarden Mystery" series. Our small library does not have the whole series. That is just so distressful. I love to read the books in order.

I finished "A fool and his Honey" last evening. Let me tell ya it contained a shocker. I was caught completely off guard when one the characters died. I just felt so sad. Yes, I am aware these are fictional people but I kinda liked this character and most certainly was not prepared for the death. Kinda like if Bill would die in the Sookie Stakehouse series. Just so distressing.

Today I read another one of the series "Poppy Done to Death". I think I cried more reading this book than all the other combined. The darn book is only 230 pages and I just could not put it down. Now I have nothing left to read. I must get back to the library tomorrow as they will be closed Sunday and Monday. Course if I do not remember to take back all the books I have read this last week they won't let me check out any more :o) Note to self: put books in car to deliver to library.

Now I am going to have to hunt down the rest of the books in the series. I to have time to run to Gardner's used books over at 41st and Mingo.

I worked in my garden most of yesterday. The mosquitoes just about drained me of blood. I have ichie spots all over my arms and feet. I really need to find someone that sell Avon so I can get some skin so soft ........... FAST. I have not heard much about West Nile this year and have no plans on being the first to contract that nasty stuff. We have had standing water for so long the mosquitoes are thick. I hate to spray deet all over my skin and usually reserve it for my clothes, however, I will use it next time to keep the little blood suckers off me.

I have not enjoyed spring as much as I had planned. We had two days of nice weather followed by 28 days of rain, storms, tornadoes and flooding. Then it hit 80++!! That's Oklahoma spring this year. I would like to has sever days of 70 to 75 with slight clouds so I would not burn so badly even with 50 spf all over my body! I am just too old to think a good tan is necessary especially with the skin cancer being so prevalent in our family. I personally believe it is just WRONG for a person to die from a tiny mole. That is the main reason I try my best not to burn any more as we all know better to stay out of afternoon sun.

Since I plan on hitting the garden first thing in the cool morning I must head to bed.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family day

Sundays are family day in my house. In the past we would dress for church and meet grandpa for services. Then we would meet grandpa and grandma for lunch. After we eat we would then go to my moms house to deliver her lunch and visit. The rest of the day we could spend doing activities we enjoyed.

Then grandma died. A couple of years later we lost grandpa. Now mom is in a nursing home. I still take supper to her every Sunday and then have supper with my daughter.

All of this being said to underline how wonderful it was this past Sunday to have family we rarely see stop in for supper (Pizza Hut) on their way back to Tulsa from Springfield/Branson.

Janice, my oldest brothers first wife and mother to his oldest two kids, is pictured below. It had been several years since we had visited with her.

Below the shy girl in the sunglasses is Traci, my oldest niece (almost 40? :o) and my youngest brother proudly showing off his newest Special Olympics medal.

Also joining in on pizza and great conversation was Traci's daughter and a friend, both teens so I will not post their picture.

Mom was excited to have so many visitors . She has stated many times that Sunday is her loneliest day. We all enjoyed the short time we had together. My hope is we will have more visits in the future.

Tomorrow I start cleaning up my shade garden. We brought home tons of plants so I will be spending every spare minute out in my garden. Oh joy! I just love to dig in the dirt.

Pictures to follow....................

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How beautiful!

How beautiful she is, this lovely, smiling child of mine.
She drives a car just like her daddy did. Very scary to say the least.
She is a cup half empty person just like my mom.
Her laughter is contagious, when she is happy I am happy.
When she is negative and growley I harass her and try to make her smile. :o)
Oh how irritating I can be! But she loves me and of course I love her.
This beautiful child of mine.
I am blessed!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

This is my mommy. All of my family arrived this afternoon to celebrate my mom's 81st birthday with strawberries and shortcake provided to us by my oldest cousin, Faye. Two of my nieces, two great nephews and one great niece were in town for lunch. Uncle John stayed at my nieces house while one of the babies slept. John did all the cooking and did not get to enjoy dessert with us at moms.

This is Faye with her granddaughter, Jean Ann. We had a wonderful time and mom was so very excited to have her family with her as you can tell by the big smile in the above picture. I even got to spend time with my brother when my daughter and I went back to the nursing home later in the evening with mother's supper. Such a blessing to have a close and loving family.
Mother's birthday is actually Friday. Her oldest grand daughter, Traci, is coming to visit her on Friday to celebrate. Mom is really looking forward spending more time with her.
My daughter brought home some lovely flowers for me today. We have had a time keeping her cat out of them :o) Cooper is "special" and very hard to train. Hopefully he will be nicer to my flowers than he has been with hers in the past.
I will have watermelon for dessert this evening after enjoying the supper my dd will be fixing for me. Then enjoy a soothing pedicure.
Off to enjoy the rest of my day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anybody have an aqua mower?

My dd found a tick this morning stuck to her tummy. I always freak when ticks are found on her as she has already suffered thru one case of spotted tick fever. She decided she needed to get the grass cut this afternoon in hopes of getting rid of our tick population. It is still so wet in the back an aqua mower would have been the best thing to use.

The front yard hasn't greened up completely as it is a warm weather grass. Within the month it will look like a well maintained golf course with ankle deep, soft, green grass. Last year two little boys stood on our side walk arguing about the grass being real or fake since the lawn was so pretty. Dd is very picky about the care "her" grass.
The back yard is mostly pretty weeds with nasty grass in between clumps of ugly weeds and more weeds. Oh did I mention dandelions? We have plenty of those also. Yep, close to a sea of yellow at times.

We also have a bumper crop of wild strawberries growing this year. I think this might be an invasive plant so I will be keeping a close eye on it so it does not take over the entire garden. As of now I will leave the berries for the birds to eat.

I got to use my new weed eater dd got for me. It is a "Worx" 2 in 1 grass trimmer and edger. I used it some on the walk out back but as I stated earlier it is so wet out there I put the trimmer up until we get dryer.

Hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh goodness....

I just finished reading Dead and Gone. There was no first chapter of the next book in the back to read to gather clues. I guess now we will have to wait a WHOLE year for the next one.

All I am gonna say is it IS worth reading and have a box of Kleenex at the ready.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dead and Gone

My daughter brought home the new Sookie Stackhouse novel yesterday. I could hardly wait to get home so I could read it, however, my daughter had other plans.

We went shopping. I needed to go to Joann's to get plastic to make up the templates for the star quilt pattern I am making her. Then of course I had to go to Barnes and Noble while she was in Old Navy, then we were off to Wal Mart and a fast stop at Krispy Kream for me :o)

We got home after 10:30 last night so I only go the first 16 ( oops I only read the SIX chapters, 98 pages) chapters read. I hope to have time to finish it up tonight. So far it I have enjoyed all but one part.

I need to go into both part time jobs today so I must say working is cutting into my reading time. Since my car payment is due next week I will go in with a smiling face so I will be invited back tomorrow.

Still not much sunshine. Water is standing in several places around here. It is starting to stink. I really do not know how people living by swamps can stand the smell of the rotting plants and such ex specially when it gets really hot. The stink really kicks up my allergies. I want spring to come back!

Off to get ready for work.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Storms just keep on comin

Every time the rain stops the cats run to the windows to watch the birds. The two on the left were ferrel cats used to catching their daily meals. The fat one on the right is Jennifer my spoiled hand raised cat. Jennifer just stares at the other two when they start making the weird noise that cats make when hunting. The calico in the middle is a LOUD huntress. She can drive ya crazy with the noise she makes when she is on the hunt. It is just a miracle she did not starve in the wild as she had to have been scaring off her supper with her ear piercing screams! Now that she is kinda tame, very spaded, house dweller she "hunts" the electronic birds I hide around the house for her.
I am going to start cutting out blocks to catch up on the nine patch quilt along going on over on "crazy mom quilts". (one day I will learn how to attach the blogs to the words) Pictures to follow.
Having a happy, no more flooding allowed, soggy Saturday :o)