Monday, July 27, 2009

No sun

No sun shinning through the thick smoke that is still filling our skies.
We got ready to go to church this evening and I could not locate my car keys. I had to have the keys to get in the house. My daughter has looked for them every place we can think of and they are still AOL. Good thing I have a spare car key. Now I will have to get an extra h0use key.
Off to surf.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Saw this first. Thought it was one of the places I work part time.

The picture above is the side of the building, below is the front.

Back of the building. Total loss.

I was told two little boys were playing with their moms lighter. They said no was was hurt, thank God.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Fabric store

I visited "Country Fabrics & Gifts" in Strang. Small out building with two walls lined with pretty fabric at prices lower than "big" town stores.

The picture above and below shows some of the nice handmade gifts they have to offer. Handmade blankets, quillows, bibs, burp cloths, quilts, towel sets, and more. The prices make it worth the drive.
A friend of my daughter is expecting her son to be born any day. I purchased the cutest burp clothes: one says "spit happens" and a receiving blanket.
When I walked out to my car I noticed two really BIG birds in the field. I could not talk them into coming over to see me up close.

I drove through scary country roads to get back to the turnpike. I stopped in Claremore to check out the clearance sale at Simply Scrapbooks. Their inventory is getting lower, not as many lines of paper. However they are now stocking "Ten Seconds" ago metal and tools. They also have all of the wood mount rubber stamps half price. Be interesting to see what new items they plan to stock after they return from market.
I will be heading out in the morning for an auction. I hope they have some good old stuff.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you think

When one buys a QUILT magazine shouldn't they expect it to have articles and patterns pertaining to quilting?

When one buys a FOOD magazine shouldn't they expect it have articles and recipes about food?

I purchased a Quilters Home magazine and was sorely disappointed with the magazine. I do NOT want recipes. I also do not want anything else except QUILTING information, patterns, tips, and tricks about QUILTING. I felt I wasted my money on this magazine. Keep in mind they are NOT cheap. Lest I learned my lesson and won't buy it again.

The man that was supposed to put in our new stove top did not show today. Very sad that I can't do any cooking this week end, we will have to eat all meals out :o) sad, sad........... Oh well there is always next week.

I will be heading out to a new fabric store tomorrow in Strang, Oklahoma.

Pictures later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Look at this beautiful fabric from Pierre Frey, Paris. I would simply love to drive uptown to buy some yardage for a beautiful quilt centered around the butterfly. Course the large design would need to be a touch smaller for me to fussy cut for a bed quilt :o)

I am home inside for the day. Allergens are floating around by the millions causing some nasty stuff for me to suffer throu.

I am surfing the net looking at other peoples beautiful sites. I need to "de-junk" my home sweet home and have been searching out ideas. Has anyone really solved the problem of too much stuff? I have been doing better since I have been unemployed. Maybe that is what this is all about. A lesson of sorts to show me how sweet life can be without the "stuff". I am trying my best to get some of this stuff into other peoples houses :o)

I love the look of crystal and shabby chic. But I really LOVE color and not necessarily the washed out nasty turquoise blue of the 50s and the pale green and pinks. I do think the pale green, pink and pale blues are pretty and calming sometimes (if there is not too much junk around it). However I just can't imagine my life with COLOR. Bright, bold and saturating.

My daughter is planning to redo her bed room in Peacock colors. We purchased the fabric for her new quilt when we were at Hancocks of Paducah. She feels the time has come for her mom to get to work on it. I am still working on my quilt along quilts so hers will be next.

I really like the colors going on in the picture above....................

Monday, July 20, 2009

More pics of Sunday FUN

After driving around the grounds we went to the museum. Let me tell ya it is worth the trip. The air conditioner was working keeping all nice and cool. The gift shop was a real big surprise. Everything was nice and neat of course but the prices were "normal" not the usual over priced stuff. For that alone I think this museum will always on my list of good places to visit.

The picture below is Nonie being a dork. We were allowed to hold and use the tools of the past while down in the beaver camp. I threatened Nonie with one of the clubs :o) Now I got to "shoot" her with a club above her head.

Ain't she cute! We miss you already Nonie.

This UGLY Indian was on the side of the road as we drove up to the museum. The gardens and statues are simply beautiful. This Indian is just unbecoming in person.
This is a picture of the entry. Very beautiful.

LOVE all the paraphernalia included in the exhibits. Everything was well lite and tastefully and artfully displayed.

This elephant head was absolutely gianormas! One day I would like to see some in their natural habitat. Oh geez they are sooo huge! All of the pictures are framed with bark from trees on the grounds of Woolaroc.

These chairs were so cool. They also have the love seat, kings chair, and other style chair made of the same materials scattered thru the museum.

Shortly after we entered a little blond girl was looking at a huge painting of Indians dancing around a large camp fire. She asked her daddy what they were doing. He told her they were dancing. She said "I want to dance too daddy!" and began her little dance. Her brother saw what she was doing so he ran over and yelled "Me too". There dad tyred to get them to settle down but gave up when he saw all of were really enjoying watching them look and the painting so they could dance like the men in the painting.
There were several painting of Indian women bare chested. I think I inherited my dislike of bras from my ancestors :o) The proof is in the paintings.
We had such an enjoyable time walking around in cool comfort. You all need to give it a look see.
Now I am off to sew.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh give me a home

Where the Buffalo roam..........and walk right up to the car to check you out. There was a huge herd of BIG bulls, cows and baby buffalo, half of them walking down the road we were trying to drive on.

My cousin from California made it in Saturday. She invited us to with her to Woolaroc (Woods, lake, rock) up by Bartlesville. IT WAS AWESOME! We had such a wonderful time. Check it out at wwwdot
We had a guide show us how beaver hunters lived back 1862. FIRST off there was NO air conditioning. Poor man was sweating up a storm as he was dressed in full costume. By that I mean long sleeve shirt and what at first looked like a pair of chaps that for some strange reason had a flap in front and back.
You see in my neck of the woods Cow boys, men, girls, or cow women wear chaps OVER jeans. Anyway our guide told us all kinds of interesting facts and showed us all kinds of dead animal skins.
Suddenly my cousin noticed his hairy legs when the flap moved. Oh my goodness! He did not have on pants! Cuz then wanted to know what was under the flaps. She would not ask him. (Nonie is a chicken)

She did however have the nerve to put on the koon skin hat with a skunk tail. Attractive head gear Aunt nono :o)

We threw hatchets at a stack of old wood.

We shot a muzzle loader that made my ear ring for the next thirty minutes. Believe me when I tell you that gun had to have weighed fifty pounds. I was so shocked at how heavy it was. The man that loaded the gun for us helped hold the darn thing up so I could shoot it. I thought I did a good job. He said I shot above "it". I was aiming for a little round target looking thing.

My cousin put on ear protection. (Cute head gear Nonie)

Took aim and shot at the bear. BEAR? I didn't see no bear. oops :0)

Then we headed to the museum. I will post those pictures later.
Saturday night we had a family reunion at my cousin Brandi house. All of us "oldies" sat around and caught up on each others lives while our young ones and Uncle John did the cooking and cleaning. Thankfully my dearest daughter prepared the patties and sides before hand. The food was awesome!
I was so glad my niece from Tulsa was able to join us. We so enjoyed seeing you Traci.
All of us oldies working our jaws while Linda was showing us her good leg.

Sadly my daughters Aunt "nono" has left us once again. We won't see her until October 2010.
More later.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beautiful cool

I purchased the above bougainvillea at Lows for three bucks last month. It was half dead from neglect, hence the cheap price. I just noticed you can see the yellow clearance price tag in the picture. Now it has doubled in size and just blooming away. This is not its usual home as I moved it to the shade to take this photo. The bougainvillea usually hangs off the deck and very happily gets sun all afternoon.

Most of my other flowering plants have stopped blooming and the few that is has small flowers. Even tho they are tiny they are still lovely. The best de stressers for me is the garden and my fur babies.
Wicked is on at the Tulsa PAC. My daughter has wanted to see it forever. Last night I decided to get tickets and surprise her with an evening out at the theater. I went online to get the tickets and was so very totally shocked the seats were $550. per SEAT. The cheap seats way up in the nose bleed section are $65. a seat. I remember paying 350 for season tickets a few years ago. Sadly we will not be going to see Wicked.
Need to get to cleaning house as Nonie will be here from California Saturday. I am so excited to see and visit with her. Sadly my mothers grandson did not have time to come visit before his flight leaves so we do not get to see him and his daughter.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New day

(quilt from Paducah Quilt Show - Everyday Barns & Family Farms -- Karen Hanken)

New Day. Same tune. Heat index of 105 to 110! How do people stand it? I have on the air conditioner and two fans just to keep cool. Doesn't the weather in the quilt above look cool and inviting? Most certainly does not depict an Oklahoma farm.
My trees started defoliating in June! I am raking leaves in July heat. How WRONG is that! I went out to water the plants this afternoon until I suddenly stopped sweating and noticed I had a headache. Since I have been drinking soda all day I guess thirty minutes was all the moisture I had in my system. For once the dogs did not argue with me when I called them in with me.

I had planned on going to the quilt show in Dewey, however, by the time I walked out to the car I felt like I needed to have another shower from all the nasty sweat that had popped out of every pore of my body. I shut the garage door and came back in the house. Another day of flat hair.
We have company coming next week. My cousin from California is flying in for a girls only weekend with her old class mates of 35 or 36 years ago. She is staying here the first weekend so we will have a family reunion in her honor. This is the first get to gather we have had as a family in about five years.............way too long!
Also, my eldest nephew is flying in for meetings with the good folks at OU. He is hoping to schedule enough time to see mom. I am gonna run out to the nursing home while he is here. It has been three to five years since I have seen him!
That being said I need to clean house this week end as we have a busy week ahead. I have an interview for an accounts payable job Monday. The pay is the big question with this job as I think they are not wanting to pay what I am requiring. I will go to the interview with a smile on my face and wow them with my outstanding personality :o) Fingers crossed.
I came home ill yesterday and felt icky all evening. Now my baby girl seems to be afflicted. She gonna be MAD at me for bringing home a bug.
Have a cool day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lots of hard work

The established part of my shade garden with a few of the plants from the nursery. Since it has been 90 and up around here I have not been transplanting anything.
I love the look of these colors working together in the garden. These were newly planted last month before the heat wave.

I have been putting in a lot of hours on cleaning up my garden. I have decided to expand the shade garden to include the inner circle of the trees in the back by the hostas. I am putting in perennials so I won't have to redo every thing each year. I will just add some annuals to keep the flowers going thru most of the season.
I hope to have everything completed before the snow starts blowing.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Proud to be an American!

I know there must be other countries that are wonderful, however, I would not want to live any where else but in America, especially Oklahoma.....well maybe some place some what cooler than Oklahoma during these nasty hot summers, but still in America :o)

If we could just move the Caribbean to Grand Lake life would be absolutely perfect! I love the cool clear water of the Caribbean. My dad always told us about catfish as big as large cows feeding in Grand. I really am not fond of the UNclear water in Grand lake. However, it is a wonderful place for us to go boating and the guys to fish. Yes, I still think of all the stuff my dad used to tell us kids when we go to the lake. (and yes I am scared of fish)

Hope everyone is having/had a Happy and safe 4th.

I got to play in my garden for a couple of hours this afternoon. I sweat about 3 full buckets. yuck. But it did make me feel LOTS better and the garden look more complete.

My daughter cooked out, burgers and wienies. I bought macaroni salad for her and potato salad for me. The burgers rawked as Lu is a wonderful griller. The potato salad was so very bland it had NO taste. Lu said the mac salad was great. Good thing I had a bag of Lays classic chips to come to the rescue!

Then we sat in our cool den, ate yummy burgers and watched Macy's fireworks and then the Boston fireworks on the telly. Best way to do fireworks as far as I am concerned. I just kept thinking of all the American kids that could go to bed with full tummies for the next three months with the money that was blown up tonight in those two places alone :o(

The Tulsa fireworks show was paid for by contributions not City money but I think the homeless shelters would have benefited so much more from the five thousand that was supposed to have been burned. I know not what the holiday is all about....just think about it.

Pictures of my garden tomorrow.

Later gators!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

"Even though it had been dark for at least an hour, it was still ten degrees hotter than hell. Winter had stretched on and on, clawing greedily into April. Spring had lasted all of ten seconds. The heat had rolled in, sucking the joy out of the smallest breeze. Now it was the second week of June and we'd been afflicted by roasting heat that usually tormented us in August................."
Michell Bardsley "Over My Dead Body"

Good thing we have well written books to humor us through this nasty hot Oklahoma summer. I have been staying cool reading book five of her Broken Heart Oklahoma series. How did Ms. Bardsley know when she wrote the above for mentioned book that our spring was going to suck again this year? How could she have guessed that we would suffer one of the hottest Junes on record? Worst luck that the hi temps has followed into July. uckk! I think I will just blame her for my poor frying garden :o)

The book was a good read. Now I need to locate the other books to the series. Another chore I can accomplish from the air conditioned cool of the den.

Should you know of any other authors that write light humor filled mysteries please leave their name so I can check them out. I have already finished all of the books written by Anne George ( oh I am so sad to never hear from Aunt Sister and Mouse again! Such lovely stories were written by the late author) Also each book penned by Charlaine Harris.

I have the three books written by Betty Hechtman sitting on my side table to start as soon as I stop surfing the net.

Since my daughter is ill today (still asleep at 7 pm!) and I suffering from an aching head we have had no noise in the house all day. Since it is over 90 degrees out today I am glad I stopped by the library yesterday to stock up on some reading.

later gators!